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Tiresome disease of psoriasis

“Since the age of eighteen I have suffered from the tiresome disease of psoriasis. Now I am sixty-eight, so that makes exactly fifty years! Affected are: lower arms and backs of my hands down to my fingertips, knees and lower legs, as well as the parts of my head covered with hair. Ointments, cortisone and phototherapy have not helped. For three months I have been drinking three cups of your bread drink daily. Now I can tell you, that I am practically free of this awful disease, after only this short time, as there is only a little spot on my elbow to be seen. I am writing you this letter out of gratitude, because I have been helped by your bread drink. Only someone who has been depressed and in the depths of despair, when I noticed people’s revulsion at my scabby skin. But that is all over now, and I am looking forward to the summer, when I can at last show myself again amongst people in the swimming pool”.

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