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KANNE Bread Drink Essence (or simply known as Essence) has roughly 10 times the concentration in Lactic Acid Bacteria and enzymes than the standard Bread Drink. It controls the body’s active and harmful oxygen-free radicals helping to make oxygen to participate in the normal physiological role in. Light and Portable, it can be brought to trips, or to play sports.

KANNE Bread Drink Essence has a very high number of living lactic acid bacteria from sourdough bread (including the L-reuteri).

In only 1 ml there are about 50 millions of these valuable bacteria. Of course, the KANNE Bread Drink Essence is also lactose-free.



  • Open the lid and drink from the bottle
  • or you may choose to mix the entire bottle with twice the amount of water
  • Try to finish the bottle of Essence within the day.

Kanne Brottrunk Pauer Essenz (Bread Drink Essense) 40ml

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