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Kanne Fermented Enzyme Powder is naturally fermented from the organic sourdough bread, it has a high concentration of Enzyme, dietary fiber and phosphorus and vitamins B12. It can be mixed with fruit/vegetable juice, salad and yogurt, to enrich the nutrients of a daily healthy diet.

organic wheat, organic rye, organic oats, natural sourdough, sea salt)


  • High in nutrition to balance the Intestinal Flora and oxygen in the blood
  • Sprinkle 2 teaspoons on Oak milk, cereal, salad or yogurt

Kanne Fermented Enzyme Power

  • Contents per 100g


    Nutritional Values Minerals Vitamins Amino Acids

    Calories : 305 kcal (1294 kJ)

    Total fat : 2.6g

    -Saturated Fatty Acid 0.63g


    Fatty Acid 0.41g


    Fatty Acid 1.47g


    Total Protein : 11.9g

    Carbohydrates : 55.1g

    Dietary Fibre : 14.9g

    Water : 10.3g

    Dry matter : 89.7g

    Total Sugar : 0.28g

    L-Lactic Acid : 1.45g

    D-Lactic Acid : 1.77g

    Sodium : 101mg

    Calcium : 70mg

    Magnesium : 21mg

    Phosphorus : 152mg

    Iron : 3.5mg

    Zinc : 0.8mg

    Vitamin A : <100 i.E.

    Vitamin B1 : 0.045mg

    Vitamin B2 : 0.053mg

    Vitamin B6 : 0.15mg

    Vitamin B12 : 0.88µg

    Vitamin C : <0.01mg

    Vitamin D : <50 i.E.

    Vitamin E : 1.2mg

    Biotin : 7.6µg

    Niacin : 1.24mg

    Folic Acid : 21.7µg

    Pantothenic : 0.23mg


    L-Alanine : 392mg

    L-Arginine : 438mg

    L-aspartic acid : 519mg

    Glycine : 384mg

    L-glutamic Acid : 2616mg

    L-Isoleucine : 326mg

    L-Leucine : 683mg

    L-methionine : 180mg

    L-serine : 470mg

    L-threonine : 310mg

    L-Tyrosine : 242mg

    L-valine : 434mg

    L-lysine : 257mg

    Phenylalanine : 454mg

    Prolie : 878mg

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